Thursday, 7 October 2010

Senator Bob Brown launches the Melbourne Campaign

Inspirational Greens leader Senator Bob Brown launched Brian's campaign for the state seat of Melbourne on Monday 11 October at the Auditorium, Melbourne City Conference Centre.

Trent McCarthy was Master of Ceremonies. Adam Bandt (Greens MP for Melbourne), Brian, and Senator Bob Brown spoke at the launch.

We've already shown what we can do at the Federal level with strong grass roots campaigning, and commitment to values like compassion, equality and sustainability. We heard that Melbourne is very close, and everyone's vote will be powerful.

Brian Walters

Senator Bob Brown

Adam Bandt MP - federal seat of Melbourne


Local people explain why they are voting for Brian

A good turn out
Adam Bandt MP, Melbourne (federal)

Brian Walters

Adam Bandt MP, Brian Walters, Senator Bob Brown

Sally Polmear and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

Senator Bob Brown
Photo credits: Peter Campbell

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  1. Good luck Brian. As much as I love living in Fairfield I wish it wans't part of such a safe Labor seat.