Saturday, 20 November 2010

Your vote is powerful


  1. As a conservative voter in the electorate of Melbourne I know my vote is powerful. After all it’s the preferences from people like me that will decide this seat. What I’m waiting for is for Brian to tell me why I should direct those preferences to him rather than to Labour. What concessions are the Greens prepared to offer me for my vote?

  2. Great video Brian!

    Salvatore's comment above is interesting, "What concessions are the Greens prepared to offer me for my vote?"

    The Greens have already offered and done heaps. They are scaring the old political parties into 'words' and 'action' on things like, equality and justice, climate change, transport, water, logging. But much of this is often too little and too late from the old parties and it smacks of self-interest.

    The Greens dont stand up for these kinds of issues just to win votes - they do it because that is what they believe in and think are of vital importance to us all. Senator Bob Brown is a classic example of someone who stands up for what he believes in, not what might be popular.

    This is what we need more of in our politics, people who stand up for what they believe are in the best long term interests of us all - not political parties and candidates who make pronouncements that they think will win them votes!

    Brian in one such person, he is standing up for what he believes in - lets hope he becomes a voice in our parliament after this election.