Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Matthew Wright - climate and energy campaigner

Matthew Wright from has been kind enough to provide me with his endorsement below.

I commend the innovative thinking, leadership and contribution that Matthew and the team at Beyond Zero Emissions are providing towards transitioning Australia to a zero carbon future. Matthew has recently won the Australian Banksia Foundation Award, the Young Environmentalist of the Year award as well as the Ecogen Clean Energy Young Industry Leader Award - to say nothing of the Wild Environmentalist of the Year Award.

Matthew Wright
Climate and Energy Campaigner

Brian's demonstrated commitment to social justice and the environment through his work as a leading SC has been a great service to Australia. He would make an outstanding Senator for the Greens.

Brian Walters has shown a commitment to seriously addressing dangerous climate change and our energy security problems in Australia. He demonstrates through his actions that he will work for the community to transition us from our 19th century fossil fuel based economy to a 21st century renewable emergy powered clean tech economy.

I support Brian Walters as he has a clear and unequivocal conviction to address the social justice and environmental problems that an addiction to fossil gas and fossil coal bring with them.

Brian understands and strongly supports the essential transition we need to make to a zero carbon clean energy future including solar and wind energy, and shifting our transport to mass electric transit and electric vehicles.

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