Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Melbourne Occupied

Melbourne Occupied

they wore black uniforms
when they came
in frightening numbers
although with all their gloves and helmets
you wondered if there was anyone inside
and then you saw their smiles
as they sprayed their victims
and you knew they were not ghosts
unless it be
they echoed down through time
the dumb force of the dark ages
spectres of proud ignorance
mounted on snorting chargers
incurious churls for whom free thought was a dire threat
and whose subservience to vested power
mocked any who might hope and question

they said they were liberating public space
by beating those who came to mingle there
having told the community to leave they fenced them in
preferring captivity to freedom
twisting ideas as they twisted limbs unnaturally
while dragging citizens across hard tarmac
and as they did their work
the people could not get near
their city square
left stained and shamed
its democratic hope forgone

the witless emperor
gloating from his balcony
drank in the sight of red blood
unaware his withered nakedness 
was seen by jpegs round the world
as he traduced the city over which he lorded
smashing its chance to find its soul

who has occupied your heart
that you can treat your dreaming young
in this barbaric way?

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  1. We will win, we will occupy everywhere until responsibility comes with accountability.